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Handmade leather balm and conditioner. Contains only natural ingredients (Beeswax, Coconut Butter and Neetsfoot oil) blended to our own recipe. available in small (15ml), Medium (60ml) and Large (120ml) tins. Perfect for feeding and conditioning products made from Natural Vegetable Tanned Leather such as Horse Tack, Belts, Shoes and Boots, Gun Leather etc. Directions: - Remove any surface dirt or dust from leather - Using a sponge or cloth, apply a light, even layer of the Balm across the surface of the leather - Allow the Balm to absorb into the leather for a few minutes until a matt finish appears - Use another clean section of cloth or a brush to buff off excess Balm and bring out a subtle wax sheen finish - Apply regularly or as needed to keep leather items supple and protected. This balm may darken untreated or very light leather due to the oil content so should be tested on a small, non-prominent area of the item first. Simply apply with a sponge and allow to soak in before buffing with a cloth or soft brush to .

Dark Arts Leather Balm (25ml / 60ml / 120ml)

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